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Five Step Turnkey Program

  1. System design assistance
  2. Supply materials as required
  3. Supply flashing and brake shapes
  4. Factory fabrication
  5. Job site delivery.

System Design Assistance

CAP aids the architect in design, including choosing the most efficient system to meet their criteria. We have the ability to provide detailed information on a multitude of different systems, including detailed information on recyclable content for LEED projects as well.

Supply Materials as Required

CAP can provide the storefront and curtain wall material, from the systems that we carry in stock, to completely custom designed systems for a particular project.

Supply Flashing and Brake Shapes

CAP’s multi-axis brakes and automatic gauging shears provide state-of-the-art accuracy for custom aluminum and steel shapes.

Factory Fabrication

CAP has the ability to fabricate the complete project. We use a QA/QC checklist, along with a designated quality control personal whose sole responsibility is to ensure that all aspects of the required design are implemented. From screw race to shear block, we can fabricate it. This saves you money and time by eliminating field mistakes.

Job Site Delivery

CAP can deliver directly to your job site.  We can produce a delivery schedule that gets the required frames in the order you need them.  This is why we pride ourselves on turnkey fabrication! We want to eliminate the stress, make your project more cost efficient, and save you time.

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