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Curtain Wall & Storefront Fabrication general job overview

  1. Receive aluminum and inspect materials with client representative.
  2. Cut material per cut list provided by client or C.A.P. Inc.
  3. Fabricate storefront frames assembled per approved shop drawings and manufacturers fabrication manual. Mark storefront frames according to drawings.
  4. Fabricate curtain wall frames assembled per approved shop drawings and manufacturer fabrication manual. Mark curtain wall frames according to drawings.
  5. (Storefront) Butter joints and screw storefront frames together. Install endams at intermediate horizontals and seal. Insert gasket in one side of frames and leave long. Mark frames per customer schedule.
  6. (Curtain wall) Attach shear blocks to curtain wall vertical mullions. Weep pressure plates as required.
  7. Packaged per agreed upon loading sequence that will resist damage.

(This is a very brief example, custom scope packages are created depending on complexity of systems, field conditions, and many other variables)

Quality Control:

CAP Glazing Systems uses a QA / QC Checklist, along with designated quality control personal whose sole responsibility is to ensure that all aspects of the required fabrication design are implemented. In this fast paced industry you can’t afford “fly-by” or “hit and miss” quality control. This is why CAP Glazing Systems is your first choice!

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