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Brake metal

CAP, Inc. prides itself in being the industry leader in Brake Metal. This is our primary focus and the mainstay of our business. Our commitment to quality, new technology, and fast lead times makes us the first choice.
We are the largest consumer of Anodized Sheet Metal in Colorado, this allows us to leverage our buying power to reduce cost for our customers.



Amada HG2204
247 Ton / 14’ Capability High Speed, High Accuracy, Multi Touch LCD panel, AMNC 3i (Intelligent, Interactive, Integrated Control)
Cincinnati Form Master 2 Brake Press
175 Ton / 14’ Capability .0004 Ram Repeatability, Touchscreen, Bend Simulation Software.
Cincinnati Autoshape Brake Press
175 Ton / 14’ Capability .0004 Ram Repeatability, Heavy Duty Backgauge.
Multiple automatic gauging shears, Hydraulic Notchers, Iron Workers, and welding equipment.


Curtain Wall Clips & Steel

CAP is pleased to offer our customer’s curtain wall clips and steel stiffeners of almost any size and thickness complete with slots, holes and primer. Please call for pricing on your next project.



Metal cladding enhances the durability and look of architectural features such as doors, columns, storefront, corners, window mullions, curtain wall mullions. Any exotic metals can be used, most commonly stainless steel, brass, bronze, muntz, and copper. Each piece is hand fit by master fabricators with over 30 years of experience. State of the art shearing and bending machines are used to produce the perfectly designed pieces. The pieces are then attached using a special cladding tape, depending on the strength requirement of the bond, different options are available.





Standard Brake Metal Sheet Sizes
4’ x 8’ / 4’ x 10’ / 4’ x 12’
Standard Brake Metal Finishes by Thickness

Mild Steel                                               > 10 Gauge
Galvanized                                            > 18 Gauge / 20 Gauge
Paintlok (Galvannealed)                        > 20 Gauge

Stainless Steel
20 Gauge                                                > #4 Brushed Polish / #8 Mirror Polish

Brass, Muntz, Copper
20 Gauge                                                > #4 Brushed Polish / #8 Mirror Polish

.040 Clear Satin Matte                             .040 LA Dark Bronze
.063 Clear Satin Matte                             .063 LA Dark Bronze
.080 Clear Satin Matte
.125 Clear Satin Matte                             .125 Black

Casino Brushed Gold                               Casino Specular Gold
Casino Brushed Clear                              Casino Specular Clear
LA Extra Dark Bronze                              Clear Satin Etch

Mill Finish Aluminum                                   Painted Aluminum                                                        Aluminum Tread
3105 H14                                                        3105 H14                                                                        3003 H22
3003 H14                                                       3004 H291
5005 H34                                                       White over Clear
5052 H32                                                       Black over White
                                                                        Black over Red


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