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Brake metal

CAP, Inc. is the industry leader in Brake Metal. It’s our primary concentration and focus and it’s the mainstay of our business. We’re committed to quality, workmanship, technology and exceptionally fast lead times. We leverage our status as the largest consumer of Anodized Sheet Metal in Colorado to achieve the lowest and best price that we pass along to you.


CAP, Inc. can fabricate any curtain wall system, any storefront system, doors & door frames, plus prep & apply any door hardware. We take pride in our quality assurance practices, our six sigma approach, and our precision quality reviews. To that end, we work closely with our customer to ensure that our established and proven procedures are executed properly. A significant point of differentiation between CAP and the other guy: We fabricate in-house, eliminating field mistakes and enabling faster installation.


CAP entrance doors are designed with superior quality, extra strength, and heavy duty durability, lending themselves to a broad range of architectural applications. Rigid mechanical joint construction delivers trouble-free operation. Outstanding performance features include patented non-stretch vinyl glazing beed, heavy single weather-stripping, and extra heavy extrusions. Plus our entrances feature square glass stops, standard locks, cylinders and push-pull hardware.


We fabricate Curtain Walls & Storefronts that are recognizably superior in strength, beauty and cost. Our bids are concrete, eliminating the unknowns that can plague projects manufactured elsewhere. We are capable of fabricating projects faster and more cost effectively than other fabricators. We never lose sight of the details. That’s what’s motivated us for 3 decades and continues to motivate us into our 4th decade of service.

Door Hardware


CAP Drafting specializes in the fenestration and glazing industry. CAP Drafting can assist with detail development, product selection assistance, full shop drawing packages and partners with leading engineering firms to provide stamped drawings and calculation packages at competitive prices.

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