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Gateway Village Retail

By rwagner / February 18, 2019

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University of Wyoming HAPC Project Underway

By Kyle Crone / May 26, 2017

CAP, Inc delivered the first truck of fully fabricated curtain wall frames to HAPC of the University of Wyoming in Yesterday. CAP, Inc is proud to be working with B&W Glass based out of Cheyenne for this project. B & W Glass has been serving Cheyenne, southeast Wyoming and northern Colorado for 39 years. Its staying power comes from jobs well done and professional, courteous service.

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New Brake Metal Facility And East Lot Complete

By rwagner / May 16, 2017

CAP's new Brake Metal facility and East Lot are complete.

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Colorado State University - Biology Building

By rwagner / May 04, 2017

The CSU Biology Building is a 3-story research building on the Colorado State University Campus in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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