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CAP Brake Metal Ordering Guide

By rwagner / November 25, 2019

Whether you're a seasoned brake metal professional or just testing the waters, here is a quick guide to ordering brake metal with CAP Inc.

Brake metal can be confusing! Here are some quick tips and notes to keep the ordering process simple and seamless with us at CAP Inc.! 


When placing a brake metal order or requesting a quote always be sure to:

  • -->  Include drawings of all pieces
  • -->  Specify Material (Color & Thickness)
  • -->  Label all shape measurements
  • -->  Label all bend angles
  • -->  Label side of finish
  • -->  Note quantity
  • -->  Note Lengths
  • -->  Note inside dimensions (ID) or outside dimensions (OD) where applicable.
  •        (Inside dimensions are written on the inside of a shape; outside dimensions on the outside of a shape)
  • -->  Note any required part labelling (preferably using numbers)
  • -->  Note a PO


  • -->  Our stock lengths are 96”, 120” and 144”.
  • -->  U-channels cannot have legs longer than the base/throat, unless legs are under 4”.
  • -->  Shapes with all measurements less than 1” will have to be approved my press operator before production.
  • -->  Our maximum length is 144”. Anything over this will need to be split.
  • -->  The smallest hem we can offer is 3/8”.
  • -->  Hems on smaller drip edges are made 1/16” smaller to accommodate the bend.
  • -->  Standard drip edges are 135 degrees (unless labelled otherwise, this angle will be used)
  • -->  Please include splices as separate pieces within the order.
  • -->  Check our STOCK MATERIALS LIST
  • -->  Our standard lead time is 1-2 days.
  • -->  Send all orders and quotes to

Check out the example order below for more details!



Have additional questions? We are here to help! Just send us a quick email at 

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